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  • Vycel 4

    Vycel 4

    Backpack & Handset

    £2,250(Ex. VAT)

    Vycel 4

    Backpack & Handset

    £2,250(Ex. VAT)

    Specifically designed to provide the optimum weight to coverage ratio

    Covers up to

    sq ft.

    on a single tank of fluid

    Uses 75% less chemical solutions than traditional sanitizing methods No need to wipe after application

    1.6 billion particles sprayed every minute

    • Electrostatic On/Off Switch

    • Runs Quietly

    • Head Light

    • Cordless Battery Powered

    • Lightweight & Portable

    Key Facts


    • 4 litre offering a fluid run time of 40 minutes
    • 3+ hour battery run time and easy swap and dock charge system
    • Electrostatic charged mist wraps surfaces for full coverage
    • Spray range up to 2 metre easy room coverage with high performance pump


    • Easy tank removal and refill
    • Illuminated battery status indicator
    • Compact form for use in confined spaces
    • Comfort grip handle


    Effective against viruses

    Technical Specifications


    Unit model
    Backpack dimensions
    275 x 140 x 450 mm
    Tank capacity
    4 L


    Spray area
    15,000 sq ft
    Spray distance
    1 m - 2 m
    Pump maximum flow
    1.9L / Min
    Pump operating pressure
    9 Bar / 130 PSI
    Pump motor power


    Charging method
    Standard power supply outlet
    Charging voltage
    100-240 V AC
    Charging time
    110 minutes

    Can you afford not to embrace positive protection?

    To find out more about the Vycel Complete Sanitisation Solution please get in touch with our sales team.

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    How much does it cost?

    Use our helpful calculator below to calculate how much Vycel Daily Protect Liquid is required to protect your space.

    The electrostatic technology uses 75% less chemical solutions than traditional cleaning and takes a fraction of the time to apply.

    Protecting a Dental Practice
     Beauty Salon  Bar & Pub  Care Home  Cinema  Commercial Office  Doctors Surgery  Dental Surgery  School / University  Factory  Government  Gym / Fitness Studio  Hair Salon  Hospital  Place of Worship  Restaurant  Shop  Showroom  Theatre  Transport  Workshop 
    of sq ft, times per week costs up to £ per week using our A

    Vycel recommends using 10 litres of A per week to protect your space, at a weekly cost of £.

    Daily Disinfectant Sanitiser


    (Ex. VAT)

    A ready to use Daily Disinfectant Sanitiser for use in Vycel electrostatic sprayers. Safe for use on all types of hard surfaces.


    (Ex. VAT)

    Medical Grade Disinfectant Sanitiser


    (Ex. VAT)

    A revolutionary new hypochlorous sanitiser proven to kill a wide range of bacteria, spores and enveloped viruses.


    (Ex. VAT)

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    Further Support

    Much needed
    peace of mind

    Vycel also offers a range of solutions to help you and your customers know they are in safe sands. Speak to us about:

    • Independent virology testing
    • Protected by Vycel stickers
    • Point of sale displays
    • Support materials

    Available to buy

    The Vycel 4 is now available for Pre-Order.


    Already own a Vycel Sprayer and need assistance? We are here to help.

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