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  • Daily Disinfectant Sanitiser

    Daily Disinfectant Sanitiser

    A ready to use Daily Disinfectant Sanitiser for use in Vycel electrostatic sprayers. Safe for use on all types of hard surfaces.

    £20(Ex. VAT)
    £20(Ex. VAT)

    A general-purpose disinfectant, suitable for use in all environments

    Non-tainting – specifically for use on food contact surfaces. Used in kitchens, canteens, food delivery vehicles, restaurants, bakeries, food processing plants and in any application where a more powerful sanitiser is required.

    99.99% of bacteria & viruses killed

    Effective after only 30 seconds
    Stops the spread of harmful germs

    No C.O.S.H.H requirements for handling, storage or disposal

    Suitable for use in all environments
    Not classed as corrosive or irritating


    Formulated to be near physiological pH
    Non-flammable and non-combustible

    of bacteria and viruses killed

    Broad spectrum of anti-microbial activity and a high rate of kill. Suitable for disinfecting surfaces, walls, floors and food preparation equipment.

    Safe for use on all types of surface

    Product as supplied passes:

    • EN14476
    • EN1276
    • EN13697

    Instructions for use:

    • Not to be diluted
    • Store in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight
    • Do not mix with other chemicals
    • Use within three months of opening
    • Shelf life of up to 24 months
    • Care should be taken when applying where metals are present.

    Available to buy

    The Vycel 4 is now available for Pre-Order.


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