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    Positive Virus Protection

    Welcome to the future of virus protection Combining Vycel tech Vycel solutions

    Our Vycel Electrostatic Sprayer protects against viruses by delivering a positively charged water-based antimicrobial spray, creating a mist that evenly coats and wraps surfaces, cleaning the air it passes through.

    Leaving viruses nowhere to hide.

    Electrostatic Technology - 


    Outdated cloth and spray are inefficient cleaning methods of the past. Vycel is the future.

    Leading brands dwell time 5 minutes Vycel dwell time 30 seconds
    Coats and wraps 100% of surfaces
    Sanitises and disinfects an area in 25% of the time
    Vycel uses 75 % less chemicals Making it safe to use throughout the day

    Vycel 4

    £2,250(Ex. VAT)

    Longest spray distance to weight ratio of all electrostatic sprayers.

    Products - 


    How much does it cost?

    Use our helpful calculator below to calculate how much Vycel Daily Protect Liquid is required to protect your space.

    The electrostatic technology uses 75% less chemical solutions than traditional cleaning and takes a fraction of the time to apply.

    Protecting a Dental Practice
     Beauty Salon  Bar & Pub  Care Home  Cinema  Commercial Office  Doctors Surgery  Dental Surgery  School / University  Factory  Government  Gym / Fitness Studio  Hair Salon  Hospital  Place of Worship  Restaurant  Shop  Showroom  Theatre  Transport  Workshop 
    of sq ft, times per week costs up to £ per week using our A

    Vycel recommends using 10 litres of A per week to protect your space, at a weekly cost of £.

    Daily Disinfectant Sanitiser


    (Ex. VAT)

    A ready to use Daily Disinfectant Sanitiser for use in Vycel electrostatic sprayers. Safe for use on all types of hard surfaces.


    (Ex. VAT)

    Medical Grade Disinfectant Sanitiser


    (Ex. VAT)

    A revolutionary new hypochlorous sanitiser proven to kill a wide range of bacteria, spores and enveloped viruses.


    (Ex. VAT)

    Products - 

    Further Support

    Much needed
    peace of mind

    Vycel also offers a range of solutions to help you and your customers know they are in safe hands. Speak to us about:

    • Independent virology testing
    • Protected by Vycel stickers
    • Point of sale materials
    • Support materials

    Available to buy

    The Vycel 4 is now available for Pre-Order.


    Already own a Vycel Sprayer and need assistance? We are here to help.

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    For businesses of all sizes, we can help you protect with Vycel.